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Reaching Out

The Best Guide to Connecting With Laboratories


Step by Step Emailing Process

The first step is to elect a laboratory from our website that you are interested in learning more about.

Once a laboratory is selected, do some background research into what the lab does and the people that are involved.

Copy the laboratory's contact email from our website and begin drafting an email.


During your email make sure to complete the following: use a professional tone, be succinct and direct, explain a little bit about yourself, talk about why you are interested in this specific laboratory, discuss possible availability.


DO NOT: send an email through a school account, use a casual tone, or use a copy-and-paste format for each message.

Simple Mock Email:

Hello Dr. Krishnu,


My name is Paul Stullar and I attend Washington High School located in Seattle, Washington. I currently take both AP Biology and AP Chemistry at my high school and am interested in pursuing a career in STEM. 


I am interested in touring a college research laboratory in order to learn more about future opportunities at the undergraduate level. Along with this interest I am fascinated by what your laboratory does involving tissue regeneration and its implications in the meniscus. I would love to learn more about about your laboratory and talk to the researchers working in your lab. Could a laboratory tour be arranged?


I am available anytime from December 15th to January 3rd as I am on Winter Break. Please let me know what days work best for you.


Thank you for your consideration, 

Paul Stullar


Feel free to add more information about your specific interests, members of the lab, and your background in STEM!​

Remember to include that you were referred by the Seattle STEM Hub!

What to do if you do not get a quick response

Send Your Feedback About Specific Laboratories

Thanks for submitting!

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