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Welcome to the Seattle STEM Hub!

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The Problem

A lack of opportunity for high school students

Touring a research laboratory sounds simple enough, but high school students face many barriers when trying to organize a laboratory visit. From long response times to age restrictions, high school students face challenges finding laboratories that are available to host them. That is why the Seattle STEM Hub is here - to make touring laboratories easier than ever before.

The Seattle STEM Hub was founded in order to provide high achieving

high school students with the resources and connections to interact with

college research laboratories. We partner with various laboratories from

the University of Washington and Seattle University that are committed to

educating the next generation of scientists. By exposing students to new

environments and other like-minded individuals who work in these research

laboratories we strive to increase the number of local high school students exploring STEM career paths. With a centralized website, we hope to match high school students with laboratories of interest and enable them to easily schedule visits.


About Seattle STEM Hub

The Mission

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope


If you have participated in our program or have any advice on how to improve our connections process please submit your feedback below. Seattle STEM Hub would appreciate any form of suggestions.

Thanks for submitting!

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